Sustainability – joined efforts for positive change

We know that the world of Home & Living is not always a sustainable one. Raw materials are consumed for the production of furniture, lighting and accessories. This makes it all the more important for us in the Connox Design Family to minimize environmental impact and accelerate our customers’ transition to sustainable products. We believe that business can be a positive force for change when we join efforts with the Nine United Family and share the same ambition: to develop and create lasting solutions that raise the bar for sustainability.


Our range of products mainly feature brands that are committed to environmental protection. This involves resource-saving production as well as use of materials with a high recycling content. Brands such as Muuto, KartelI or We do Wood are pioneering examples.


We do not waste any returns and try to keep occurrence as low as possible through targeted measures and good customer advice. In case of returns or damaged items, we try to repair or pass them on.


A lot of packaging is often needed to ensure that sensitive items reach their destination undamaged. In order not to produce unnecessary waste and to conserve resources, we rely on sustainable packaging alternatives with a high recycling content.

Modern worklife

We strive to process all business documents digitally and rely on sustainable and economical energy supplies at our offices and warehouse locations.


An important component of our sustainability strategy is the decision to completely eliminate domestic flights. Travel by car is also reduced at our sites thanks to numerous local transport options. lf we do need to use a car, we have electric vehicles available for this purpose.

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